Top Ten WhatsApp Hacker Tools – Hack WhatsApp Free In 2021

The WhatsApp hacker tools are increasingly becoming a necessity these days for various users like employers, parents, spouses, etc. This is because WhatsApp can prove to be the ultimate help for knowing much about a person’s life. To help you get a great hack WhatsApp free tool, we have come up with the ten best options below.

#1. Spyic- The best of all the WhatsApp hacker tools

This app has made it to the top position in this list due to pulling off the best combination of efficiency and pricing. Spyic is one app that is loaded with highly advanced features and services that will give you a complete tracking experience. Just by having this app, you can keep full track of the WhatsApp account on the target device and let you perform Instagram hacker no survey. Another great part to note is that it supports functioning on both iOS and Android OS. And here is the comprehensive Spyic Review for your further reading.


Spyic is a very light app that will only take 2MB of storage space in the target device.

Following are some of the major features of this WhatsApp hack tool:

  • You can get access to all the WhatsApp contacts along with seeing their names too.
  • The profile picture of the target WhatsApp user can also be seen.
  • All data exchanged in the WhatsApp conversations like media, contacts, etc., can also be accessed with this tool.
  • You can track the entire call log on WhatsApp. It can help even you wonder how to trace a Snapchat account or how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook.
  • The interface of the tool is much appreciated due to its clean organization and simple features.
  • The iOS version of Spyic is web-based which makes it much safer and reliable to use.  Alongside, the Android version runs on the stealth mode that makes it hideous and safe.
  • This is not a hack WhatsApp free tool, but the services are absolutely worth the price.

Let us now see how the app works for Android and iOS devices.

For Android

It doesn’t require the Android devices to be rooted for getting functional on them. This means that you can easily and safely track the target Android device right from your browser.  No rooting makes the process of tracking safer and more reliable. The tool is compatible with the Android OS versions 4 and higher as WhatsApp runs on these OS only.

The stealth mode operation of this tool is one of the greatest things about it. It will keep running in the device without being noticeable at all. It does so by working remotely and not causing interruption to any other app. Thus, it gives the safest tracking experience ever.

The installation method for Spyic on Android devices is quite simple. Since you don’t have to root the device, the time to install the app reduces to 5 minutes only. All you will need to do is sign up on the website of the app and install it on the device with the help of the set-up wizard procedure.

For iOS

You won’t have to jailbreak your iOS device for using this app. There is no need to install other third-party supportive apps or tools in the iOS devices for using Spyic.


Method of using spyic for tracking WhatsApp

To begin using this tool for device tracking, the first step is to launch it and log in with your account. You will now be able to see all the social and other apps that can be tracked in a separate column. If you want to track WhatsApp on the target device, simply select the option of WhatsApp from the column. That’s it; all the details related to the target WhatsApp account will become visible on the screen.

You will like the organized way the tool represents all the traceable data. The conversations can be found listed in the reverse sequential order. Moreover, each chat will be showing a timestamp that greatly helps in understanding the exact time when the conversation was taking place.

Even the deleted WhatsApp messages can be accessed with the help of this tool. It does so by storing all the messages along with creating a real-time backup of these messages. Thus, no activity can escape this app, and it provides access to them to you too without any hassle.

Spyic whatsapp hacking tools

#2. Cocospy- Another Great WhatsApp Hacking Tool

One WhatsApp sniffer app that is giving tough competition to Spyic and other WhatsApp hacker tools is the Cocospy WhatsApp tracker. It provides the easiest method to break into anyone’s WhatsApp account and see what all is going on there. This is a greatly trustable tool that will allow you to do so much more than just WhatsApp tracking too.

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Some of the major features of Cocospy include:

  • The app gives you access to all kinds of messages exchanged on the target device. This includes SMS and messages of social apps like WhatsApp, etc.
  • You can even see the deleted messages from any social app or device with this tool. It stores them safely on its servers and makes them accessible at any time.
  • The app can track the location of the target device in real-time.
  • The installation mode of this tool is very simple as well as fast.
  • The app remains completely hidden on both Android and iOS devices. The active stealth mode of the app works perfectly for Android devices without the need for rooting. Similarly, you won’t need jailbreaking or physical access for installing the app on iOS devices.
  • The unique feature of this app is that it supports numerous languages.
Cocospy WhatsApp hacker tool

When it comes to complete spying, Cocospy gives a cutting-edge service. You can not only see the private chats but also group chats, live chats, and the media exchanged. The contacts can also be viewed easily.

Cocospy can be the best choice among hack WhatsApp free tools since it’s completely authentic. It can track the iOS devices just with the iCloud credentials of the target device. For tracking Android devices, just download the tool on them, and you are good to go. All the information retrieved from the target device can be seen on the tool’s dashboard. It will remain available even after having been removed from the target device.

#3. mSpy WhatsApp Hacking Tool

Sometimes, the compatibility issues with WhatsApp hacking apps pose difficulties for users to track different devices. Jailbreaking is the requirement of most of these apps that can jeopardize device security. Here, the app mSpy marks a difference by being compatible with iOS devices without jailbreaking them. This means that you can track WhatsApp on any device without having to risk anyone’s security.

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mSpy WhatsApp hacker tool

The WhatsApp hacker tool can do the following things for you:

  • It can track the entire call log as well as restrict the unwanted incoming calls.
  • You can monitor all the SMS. The same can be done for all the IM apps like WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, Skype, etc.
  • The real-time location of the target device can be tracked via GPS.
  • It can even get you access to the browsing history.
  • You can also see device apps like calendar, contacts, etc.
  • The media files in the target device’s gallery can also be accessed.

The method to use this app is very easy as it involves only a few simple steps. You need to begin with downloading and properly installing the app with the download link present on the main website. This can be done very easily just by following the set-up wizard instructions as they appear on the screen. Once you are done with that, the app and all its features will be ready for you to use. If you wonder how to find someone on WhatsApp, this tool can also help.

This is one of the best WhatsApp hack tools that can work without jailbreaking devices. We think that is a great thing, along with the effective customer support that the app gives. However, the only drawback of this app is that you can record WhatsApp VOIP calls with it.

#4. Mobistealth

Another great app that can make device tracking much easier for you is Mobistealth. The surveillance services of this app are highly advanced that help you take a look at everything going on in the target device. This includes checking the WhatsApp of the target user to seeing who they are calling. Not just that, you can check all the other device data like media files with this tool.


Some of the major features of the Mobistealth WhatsApp hacker tool include:

  • The tool can effectively get you access to all the messages and calls logs on the target device.
  • Uniquely, you can check the emails on the target device, too, with this tool.
  • It allows you to track other social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, etc., as well along with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc.
  • The app works in stealth mode that helps it in remaining completely hideous.

Even though the app is one of the top hack WhatsApp online free solutions, it does have certain drawbacks. The major one is that it requires jailbreaking iOS devices for being functional on them. It cannot work directly on iOS. Thus, it cannot be completely trusted for hacking purposes. Alongside, the customer support of the app is not great that can leave you stuck with operability issues.

#5. Spyier

The unique thing about Spyier is that it can deploy its tracking abilities to retrieve data from the lost devices. This is what makes the app different from the rest, as it serves versatile purposes. It is remarkable how Spyier can help you to get important information from any device that has gotten damaged.

Spyier WhatsApp hacker tool

The software of this app is very powerful that can fetch information even from a device that is switched off. You can use it for the same purpose on both Android and iOS devices.

Spyier is a complete package that allows you access to every detail stored in the target device when spying on a device. This includes contacts, call logs, texts, GPS location, images, social media apps, and much more. Moreover, the app will get you access to all kinds of data, past and present. This means that you can access the deleted information as well as live information both with this tool.

Despite being a revolutionary hack WhatsApp free solution, there is one major disadvantage of this app. It is the interface of this too that is not very attractive. The technology may somewhat feel outdated that can restrict you from operating the tool fully.

#6. Hoverwatch

This is one of those ultimate WhatsApp hacker tools that have been specialized to operate on Android devices only. Besides being a complete spy solution, Hoverwatch comes loaded with a lot of mention-worthy features:

  • The active stealth mode of this app helps it in remaining completely hidden from the target user. There is no way the user can find it as it neither consumes much battery nor does it take up a lot of storage space.
  • It ensures the generation of completely accurate data that cannot be detected easily.
  • You can monitor everything on the target device, including call logs, message logs, gallery, etc.
  • The tool also gives you the option of monitoring all major social media apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • The geolocation feature of the app is also great for tracking the location of the target device.
  • You also get the option of getting access to the WhatsApp camera through which you can see the surrounding activities.
Hoverwatch WhatsApp hacker tool

Despite a load of features, this tool has few drawbacks that bring down its success rate. The major issue is that it requires the Android devices to be rooted for operation. Secondly, the tool is not compatible with iOS that limits its functionality. All these shortcomings make this tool a distant option, and we recommend you try tools like Spicy and others first.

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#7. iKeymonitor

A tool that has been dedicatedly designed to hack WhatsApp and monitor all the activities being done there is iKeymonitor. Following are some of the features of this Whatsapp hack tool:

  • You can see full conversations on WhatsApp with all the messages and media exchange.
  • The time and date stamps of the texts can also be seen.
  • Uniquely enough, the tool gets you to access the WhatsApp voice notes and details of contacts too.
  • You can even take screenshots of the WhatsApp activities with this tool.

Now, there is one demerit of this tool that only works on rooted or jailbroken devices. This jeopardizes its safety and reliability factor.

#8. Spybubble

This tool is advertised as being the best password hacking app, but it works equally great for tracking WhatsApp too. It is a powerful tool with simple operability and cloud-based functionality. Spybubble has been designed to work with all major OS like Windows, Android, and Mac.

Here are the features of this hack WhatsApp online free tool:

  • It’s a complete WhatsApp hacking tool. You can access the chats, calls, media exchanged, and even capture screenshots with the help of a WhatsApp camera. The tool also gives you the option of monitoring other social media apps.
  • The data procured by the tool is stored securely in the web-based storage account.
  • The feature of GPS tracking is also available with this tool.
  • You can record the calls too, which is a great option.
  • The tool also gets access to the web activities and can perform website tracking too.
  • You can get full access to the target device, capture screenshots of any activity going on and as well check the passwords.
  • The tool works in stealth mode, so you can stay assured against any suspicion by the target user.

There are certain drawbacks of this app too. This includes mandatory rooting/jailbreaking of the target device that generates security issues. Moreover, the UI of the app is not much intuitive due to outdated technological features.

#9. Guestspy

This is another great hack WhatsApp online free tool to check out for an ultimate and completely secured WhatsApp tracking experience. Guestspy stores all the information in an online account. The tool can serve numerous purposes like parental monitoring, employee tracking, spying partners, etc. You can use it on Android as well as iOS.

It’s a user-friendly app that allows remote monitoring of any target device by running in stealth mode. The tool allows access to a plethora of things on the target device, including call logs, GPS location, instant texts, internet history, etc. Following are some other things that the tool can do:

  • Read instant messages
  • Record and manage calls
  • View the gallery files
  • Manage the contact book
  • Spy call with auto-answer

#10. Copy9

Last but not least, Copy9 is another very effective tool that can hack WhatsApp for you in no time. Other than the free version of the tool, you can opt to purchase its premium version for only $14.30. This is a very affordable price to pay for this amazing tool that has high operability and advanced features. It even allows you to access other device-related information like browsing history, etc.

Final Words

We hope that you will be able to pick the best from the WhatsApp hacker tools listed above now. We recommend you to try Spyic and Cocospy apps as they are highly reliable and feature-loaded. The other hack WhatsApp online free options that you can check out too. Do let us know about your experience of using these tools.