The Most Popular Underwater Games For PC 2021

We are going to reveal the best underwater games here. So, you can give them a try on your PC and see how satisfying they are. You may find a plethora of underwater games on PC, but only some of them come with the right characteristics. That means it is not that easy to find underwater games on PC that are solely played underwater. But the games we have listed down can fulfill your desire for the right kind of game.

Best Underwater Games for PC

It is true that underwater games are surprising and calming for enthusiasts. There is no shortage of video games that claim to offer promising underwater experiences. But as we mentioned before, many of them have some drawbacks. So, finding a good underwater game for your PC can be a pretty daunting task. We did the hard work for you, and here’s what we have found. In the below list, you have some awesome underwater games on PC.

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01. Best Underwater Game – Song Of The Deep

Best Underwater Games - Song Of The Deep

This game comes with two things that have the ability to entice die-hard fans. You can find absolutely gorgeous Metroidvania style, and it derives from Rachet & Clank Creators. This specific game is not an “ancient” one; it is released in 2016 and remains popular. This gameplay revolves around a young girl who tries to find where her dad is.

With that mysterious scenery, the girl will uncover various other mysteries hidden deep underwater. You can find green backgrounds. Also, you can find detailed gameplay, which is pretty challenging yet enjoyable as well. Those who love non-linear, engaging, and exciting gameplay. If you need, you can even equip your submarines at least with 50 abilities. Also, you can perform some upgrades on the submarine with 30 choices. As a result, you will be able to upgrade plenty of areas.

02. Best Underwater Game – Aquaria


With this game, the user (player) will be named Naija. Well, Naija is a creature similar to a mermaid. She can swim and sing apart from engaging in combats. Aquaria is one of those games that can offer a relaxing and frustrating experience on and off. This is an indie game, and it is recommended for any individual regardless of age. Aquaria will be able to bring back the memories of old games like Ecco the Dolphin. Also, it has some similarities to the Rayman Legends. When you play Aquaria, you and ride on a seahorse as well to gain the speed you need; this is more of a side-scrolling adventure that can happen underwater solely. Even if it is not the strongest contender on this list, Aquaria is an awesome game.

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03. Best Underwater Game – Koral

Best Underwater Games - Koral

Koral is a powerful tool that shares a very impressive ambiance. We have enough and more reasons to call this one of the best underwater games PC. Players will be able to explore the deep ocean with beautiful colors and organisms. However, players can even solve puzzles and revive coral reefs. Well, this game is created by a single individual called Carlos Coronado.

On top of that, this is another game that allows you to understand the threats our oceans face. It is not about exploring or rebuilding only. Instead, it offers plenty of things to learn.

04. Best Underwater Game – Barotrauma


Barotrauma is a significant game because of several reasons. For instance, it is a game that comes with a combination of survival, horror, sci-fi, etc. It can easily stand ahead of the rest because of those characteristics. It is definitely a better option than playing a sub-par submarine game with boring elements. The game has a steam page, and it has a warning too. It says, “Help your crew succeed, or make sure no one does.”

With that being said, players have the option of exploring the 2D ship that can also be customized. Your crew can operate the ship and even maintain it. With this approach, you can explore the depths of Europa. Then, you will have to encounter a range of terrible besties. The main ingredient to the success of this game is nothing but proper communication. With each map, there are different missions. With each mission, you get multiple modes. The game will let 2 to 16 players on your ship.

05. Best Underwater Game – Flow

Best Underwater Games - Flow

This is not a very complex game, and it is based on flash technology. Earlier it was available only for PC, and later on, they modified ports to the PS3 console as well. Several years later, this game released another version for PlayStation 4. In that, we found some significant improvement in graphics. With this game, you have a casual approach, and there are seven chapters to go with.

When you play the game, you are supposed to swim through the water. Also, players can ingest some awesome aquatic organisms. This game was developed by the same company that developed games like Journey and Flower. If you are looking for very long gameplay, this is not the one for you. However, during this short period (two hours), you can enjoy it a lot.

06. Endless Ocean 2: Adventurers Of The Deep

Endless Ocean 2: Adventurers Of The Deep

With this game, you can explore some great adventure aspects that offer an excellent scuba diving experience. As the player, you can see a very beautiful underwater world. It lets you explore the world in a whole new world. All you need is to check the oxygen levels in a frequent manner, so there is no risk.

For any player, it could be somewhat challenging to find a copy of this game. In a way, that makes this game a pretty rare gem. This game was released for the Nintendo Wii console. Exploring the ruins and finding objectives set underwater is a serious excitement for any player.

07. Depth Hunter2: Deep Dive

Best Underwater Games - Depth Hunter2: Deep Dive

As per this game, you should explore underwater. Then, you will be able to explore underwater and find some amazing wrecks such as planes. As a result, you will find better aesthetics with a lively approach. The main objective of this game is to hunt for marine life underwater at each level. Players can even swim around all those levels without hunting fish.

The exploration factor is highly encouraged in this game. It also has a pretty interesting currency system with a plethora of underwater tasks you should achieve. Therefore, there are enough and more reasons to rate it as one of the best underwater games.  

08. SOMA


If truth to be told, SOMA is not an easy game to complete for many individuals. This is not a relaxing game either. The gameplay requires you to be feared for life. That means it works as a perfectly exciting game that falls into the survival-horror genre. This game revolves around plenty of incidents that can make you really terrified yet excited. However, if you are not a hardcore horror fan, you can choose to go with “Safe Mode.” All in all, this game is a unique one that can grab any gaming enthusiast’s attention.

09. We Need To Go Deeper

We Need To Go Deeper

There are plenty of people who look for underwater games to play with multiple individuals. For instance, they look for underwater games PC that can be played with their friends or family members. If that is the case with you, here’s an excellent game that delivers plenty of fun.

This specific game lets 2 to 4 players engage simultaneously. Also, it features an amazing environment found on Jules Verne’s concepts. The players are supposed to maintain the submarine system and battle sea monsters. Moreover, they are supposed to loot across various biomes that are randomized. You can find some dynamic difficulty systems as well, so you can expect better diversity.

10. Ecco The Dolphin

Best Underwater Games - Ecco The Dolphin

There are plenty of games that belong to the era of Ecco the Dolphin. It comes with a superb level of difficulty. You can complete the first level of this game without much hassle. However, once you have done that, the game starts to get challenging. As per the gameplay, Ecco is experiencing some hard times with harsh underwater conditions. The players have to achieve objectives by using echolocation. The awesome soundtrack integrated into this game makes things much easier. It is true that you can pick up Ecco the Dolphin through Steam as well.

11. BioShock 2

BioShock 2

Compared to the first sequel to this title, BioShock 2 offers a pretty different approach. With this, you will have to approach the city of Rapture in a pretty different manner. Players such as Big Daddy is equipped with a massive drill and some other weapons.

Frankly, BioShock 2 is not the best in their series. However, this game can be rated as one of the most impressive underwater games.

Playing underwater games is a very exciting thing for many. If you are one of them, go through our article once again. Our list comprises the best 11 underwater games PC, so you can give them a try. Good luck!