How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android Effectively

You will want to transfer notes from iPhone to Android due to various reasons. For instance, assume that you had an iPhone and you bought a new Android device additionally. In that case, you may want to transfer your iPhone’s data to the new Android device. Well, there are several different options you can try if you want to do it. In this article, we explain all those methods so you can transfer your valuable notes successfully.

01. Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android using Outlook

It is always possible to synchronize your iPhone’s notes with the Outlook app through Apple iTunes. All you need is an Outlook account to perform this action. You can use the same Outlook account on your Android device and restore the notes easily. To do that, just follow the method mentioned below.

  • First, you should launch iTunes on your iOS device. Then, connect the same device to your computer using a genuine USB cable to avoid interruptions.
  • Now, in iTunes, choose the option called “Summary Panel.” You should check the option called “Sync Notes” as well. Once you have done that, find the option called “Outlook” from the appearing drop-down menu and select it.
  • Now, you should click on the button that says “Sync” so the synchronization will start. You should patiently wait for a couple of minutes so the process will be completed.
  • You should turn off the Android device. After that, turn it on again. Now, you should log into the same Outlook account.
  • Be sure to open the folder called “Reminders” now.
  • That’s it. The notes that were available on your iPhone will appear in “Reminders” by now.

What if you don’t see the notes on your Android device? If that’s the case, use the Outlook account and log into the PC. Then, download the aforesaid notes to that PC. After that, connect the Android device to the same PC. Then, you can download those notes to the Android device. Now, the iPhone notes will be available on the Android device.

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02. Transfer Notes from iPhone to an Android device using iCloud

iCloud is another tool you can use to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. However, in this case, you should have your notes synchronized to your iCloud account to proceed. In fact, this method is one of the most effective yet simple solutions to address this requirement. That being said, just follow up below simple guide to get it done.

transfer notes from iPhone to Android Using iCloud
  • Go to the option called “Settings” on your iPhone and choose “iCloud” to proceed. Be sure that iCloud is turned on so it will get synchronized with notes available on your iPhone.
  • Now, go to “Storage & Backup” and choose “Backup Now.” This option will start to create a backup of the notes from the respective iPhone to iCloud.
  • Now you are supposed to log into the PC and then log into the same iCloud account. Then, you will be able to see all those synchronized notes on your iCloud account (how to see what’s in my iCloud).
  • It is a matter of sending those notes to the new Android device through an email. If not, you can directly download them.
  • You can open your Android device and find your notes in the download or email folder.

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03. Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android using Gmail

This is another handy method that can be used to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. Just like the previous methods, Gmail doesn’t cost anything to transfer notes from one device to another. You should create a Gmail account before using this method, however. Mentioned below is how to use Gmail and transfer notes from iPhone to Android.

  • First, you should launch “Settings” on your iPhone and go to the option labeled “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” After that, go to “Add Account” and choose “Google.”
transfer notes from iPhone to Android Using Gmail
  • Now, you should enter the respective information so the synchronization can be enabled. For instance, you should provide details such as name, email address, and password to proceed. Then, your iPhone notes will be automatically synchronized with that Gmail account.
  • Now, you should unlock your Android device and log into the same Gmail account on it. You can then look into the Gmail app and find Notes.
  • You can simply open Notes, so your iPhone notes will be available there.

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04. Use Google Keep and Transfer Notes between devices

As you may already know, Google Keep is a special app developed by Google to keep your notes. This app can be found in the App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. You should just install the Google Keep app on both iPhone and Android to proceed with this method.

  • After installing Google Keep using App Store on your iPhone, launch Notes App. Now, you should choose the note that should be transferred to your new Android device.
  • You can now click on the icon labeled “Share,” which is located in the upper-right corner. Then, you should choose the option that allows you to share the note through Google Keep. You will have to repeat the same steps if there are other notes that should be transferred.
transfer notes from iPhone to Android Using Google Keep
  • Now, you should install Google Keep on your Android device using Google Play. Then, you should turn on the synchronization option on both the devices. Then, on the top of the screen, you will see a notification mentioning that synchronization is turned off. So, just tap on it and turn sync.

05. How to Email Notes to Android from and iPhone

One of the most convenient & simplest methods you can use to transfer notes is emailing. Your iPhone has a specific option called “Sharing via Mail.” When some notes cannot be synchronized between the two devices, this option becomes very handy.

Here are the steps you should follow to get it done.

  • On the home screen, you will find an app labeled “iOS Notes.” Just tap it and open it.
  • Then, choose the type of notes you intend to transfer.
  • Check the upper-right corner and see if you have the icon to “Share.” Tap on it and choose “Mail.” When you are on the new email page, you can see the notes there.
  • Go to the field that is labeled with “To” and enter your own email address. Then, enter any title on the field labeled “Subject.”
  • After that, please click on “Send.” Now, the notes you have selected will be sent to the email account from your iPhone.
  • You should go to the mail email account using the Android device now. Once you open it, you can see all the notes in the email account.

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The methods we have mentioned above are very handy options to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. But, as you may realize, there can be some difficulties associated with those methods. So, it is always better to use a professional tool to transfer data between devices. The best tool you can use is iMyFone iTransor Pro. This is one of the most powerful and efficient tools ever introduced to the purpose of data transfer.

We consider this tool as a prominent option because of many reasons. It doesn’t require any complicated process to be followed, and no internet connection is required. Also, it does the transferring job faster and more efficiently. On top of that, you can use this tool to transfer a wide range of data, including notes.

iTransor can transfer ringtones, videos, text, images, audio, and so on. The data you transfer will be initially saved on the PC, so the speed is assured. Also, it eliminates the risk of exposing your data to third-parties.

Mentioned below is how to transfer notes from iPhone to Android using iMyFone iTransor.

  • First, you should download the iMyFone iTransor application on your PC. Then, you should install it following the easy instructions on the screen.
  • Now, open the application and connect your iPhone and Android device to the same PC. Be sure to use genuine USB cables to establish a connection. Now, you should grant access to the data on your Android. Also, be sure to trust the connected PC on the iPhone.
  • Now, you should define both destination and source devices (Android and iPhone, respectively) to proceed. Then, hit “Next” and follow the simple on-screen instructions.
iMyFone iTransor Pro
  • Select the type of data you intend to transfer and click on “Transfer.” Wait for a while until the transferring process is completed.
transfer notes from iPhone to Android using iMyFone iTransor Pro


So, that’s how to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. As you can see, there are several methods to get it done. However, we recommend iTransor Pro to be the best option, and we have explained the reasons for that. Do you know other ways to transfer data between devices effectively? Please let us know in the comments section below.