PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error – Top Solutions That Work!

PS4 unrecognized disc” is a somewhat common error experienced by some users.

Novice users who experience this error often panic and try various solutions end up with no result. If you are looking for an answer and a reliable solution to this error, keep reading.

When it comes to the error “PS4 unrecognized disc”, it can occur due to various reasons. So, the solution may depend on the actual cause.

The good news is that you can fix this error pretty conveniently if it is related to software. But on the other hand, please try a physical repair process if the error is related to hardware.

For instance, if the PS4 unrecognized disc error is caused due to a malfunctioning drive, you should repair it.

In this guide, we intend to explain the measures you can take so you can fix them. There are several fixes to try, and you may go ahead with them to fix the PS4 unrecognized disc.

What Triggers PS4 Unrecognized Disc?

It is always better to learn the causes behind an issue before troubleshooting it. That makes it easier for you to find a solution.

That said, there’s no shortage of reasons behind PS4 unrecognized disc error. As mentioned before, all of those errors can be put into the hardware or software category.

Mentioned below are some of those common reasons that can trigger PS4 unrecognized disc errors.

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● Because of a Minor Bug in the Console

In many cases, a PS4 unrecognized disc can occur due to a minor error/bug in the console itself. Sometimes, the console might not be able to read the disc because of this error.

You will see such an error, particularly if your console was running for a pretty long time. In this case, you should check if a glitch or a bug is present.

To do that, you can reboot the console and see if it functions as usual. If the console works without a PS4 unrecognized disc error after a restart, there’s nothing to worry about. It is just a minor glitch.

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● There is an issue with the Game Disc that May Cause PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

In some cases, the optical drive of your PS4 might not be able to acquire the required information. This happens particularly if the disk has any scratches or other physical burdens like clogged dirt.

So, it is better to check if the optical disc has no scratches or damage. Also, you can physically clean it. In many cases, minor scratches are pretty negligible.

However, the larger cracks or big holes will definitely make influence how well the data is read. If that’s the case, the optical drive will not be able to acquire the information. As a result, the console might not be able to run the game.  

● A Bug or a Glitch Associated with Software Can Cause PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

In some cases, you will see a PS4 unrecognized disc error due to a software glitch as well. In many cases, it can happen once a system update takes place.

If not, the same thing can happen as a result of an update on the game. If your system software is not updated for a while, you can experience some bugs in it. So, you don’t have to skip system updates at all.

PS4 unrecognized disc can appear due to a hardware malfunction as well. This is particularly true if the respective console is heated too much or exposed to moisture.

Also, the same error can appear if the console comes across a pretty heavy physical impact. You may also notice a PS4 unrecognized disc error if the optical drive is affected.

For instance, your console might not eject the stuck discs anymore. If it happens when there is a disc inside, that can be very annoying. So, you will have to take the console to a hardware specialist, and that’s a totally different case.

How to Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error?

Well, now that you have a good understanding of the error, let’s move ahead and learn how to fix it. There are several fixes you can try and get fixed.

So, go ahead and find out how to fix this error and start playing your favorite games.

#1. First, You Should Note Down the Error Code

When you see a PS4 unrecognized disc error or anything else on your console, you should note it down.

There are some error codes to represent some issues pertaining to the game but not the console. If that’s the case, you have nothing to do with it. All you have to do is to wait until the servers are up.

Also, it is always a good move to perform a simple Google search about the respective error code. As long as the error is related to the console, you can proceed with the remaining subheadings.

#2. Have the Game Disc Cleaned

Clean PS4 Disc

Well, for many individuals, this method might sound a no-brainer. However, cleaning the game disc is a very effective task though it sounds pretty simple. As mentioned before, a PS4 unrecognized disc can appear due to a dirty game disc.

So, make it a habit to clean the disc before inserting it into the console. In this case, you should simply rub the dirt down. Be sure to use a clean and soft cloth.

Also, it is better if you can clean the disc with a microfiber cloth. However, you shouldn’t wipe the disc too hard as it may damage the disc.

On the other hand, it is important to check for potential cracks and damages. If the disc is damaged intensely, you cannot do anything about it. Instead, you will have to find a new disc for the game.

#3. Reboot the Console

It is always possible to power cycle your console and sees how it works. For many users, a power cycle is an effective option. If the PS4 unrecognized disc error has occurred due to a minor software glitch, rebooting might work.

In this case, you should just shut it down and disconnect it from the power outlet. After that, you should wait for about 2 minutes, and that will stop every single process in it. Then, you can switch the console on.

After that, you should check if the PS4 unrecognized disc error is solved. However, if the console is ejecting optical discs, you should proceed with the remaining solutions.

#4. Perform an Update while the Console is on Safe Mode

Do you think that your console’s software can be updated in full with safe mode? If so, you can perform with that option.

Mentioned below is how to perform an update with safe mode.

  • First, you should shut down your PS4 console. To do that, you should press the Power button. It is located on the front panel. You should wait for a couple of seconds so the power indicator will blink a couple of times.
  • When the PS4 console is completely switched off, you should press the power button. Then, hold it for some time until you hear two beeps. The first beep can be heard when you press the button, and the second appears after about 7 seconds.
  • Now, you should connect that DualShock4 controller device using the USB cable to proceed. Then, you should press its PS button.
  • If you have access to Safe Mode, you can choose to update the system software.
  • That’s it. As of this moment, it should work.

Well, what can you guess if none of the above options have worked for you so far? In that case, you may have to assume that there is something wrong with the hardware.

The respective console’s hardware can fail due to various reasons, including impacts on weather conditions. For instance, it can stop working if the console is exposed to damp weather conditions. So, from your end, there is hardly anything you can do.

In this case, the best you can do is to replace the faulty parts. All you need is to visit the service center (Authorized by Sony) and get their assistance.

Also, it is a better approach to call them and explain what has happened to your console in advance.

Final Words

So, that’s how to fix the PS4 unrecognized disc error on your PC. We hope that at least one of the above solutions has worked for you. If you have any other queries pertaining to PS4 consoles, please let us know.


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