How to Import MIDI Files for Synthesia With Ease

Synthesia MIDIs are incredibly handy when it comes to learning how to play the piano. If you are a modern-day music enthusiast who uses computer music composing, you already know what Synthesia is. So, in this article, we intend to explain some of the best MIDI files for Synthesia.

As you may already know, Synthesia is an exceptionally useful application that allows you to learn piano. With Synthesia, you will be using your computer keyboard as the controller to play the piano. One of the best things about Synthesia is that it allows you to add any music file (song). Then, Synthesia will read that file automatically. As a result, you will be able to play the same in Synthesia with ease. The files will be added in the form of MIDI files.

There are many individuals who wonder how to find Synthesia MIDIs online. If you are one of them and looking for the best MIDI files for Synthesia, here’s a list. In this list, you can find very rich resources to acquire impressive Synthesia MIDIs. In addition to that, we explain how to add Synthesia MIDIs to the software and start playing.

How to add MIDI files for Synthesia

First, let’s learn how to import MIDI files to the Synthesia platform regardless of which platform they are downloaded. Well, there is no rocket science behind this; adding Synthesia MIDIs is very convenient. Anyway, if you are a total beginner to Synthesia, you can follow the steps mentioned below. So, go ahead and learn how to do it.

  • First, you should open Synthesia.
  • Once you have done that, you can click on the button called “Settings.” It is located on the main screen.
  • When you are in the “Settings” window, you should choose the category called “Songs.” It can be found on the right side of the menu.
  • When you are in the “Songs” section, you can go ahead and click on the “+.” This specific sign can be found at the bottom of the screen towards the right-hand side.
  • After that, you can see the songs that are already located on the PC. That means the files that are saved in your local drive. Just select the songs and click on the option called “Add.” This button is located at the bottom of the window. It is possible to choose multiple soundtracks (songs) simultaneously.
  • That’s basically it. You can have those new songs on Synthesia, and the songs are found in the library.
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What are the best sources to find Synthesia MIDIs?

Now that you know how to add Synthesia MIDIs. Let’s learn how to find them. There are many online sources to find these files, but we like to explain only the best. All of these sources are reliable and convenient for any user.

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01. Get Synthesia MIDIs on BitMIDI

The first source to mention in this article is BitMIDI. It is an exceptionally helpful and convenient platform to acquire MIDI files for Synthesia. In fact, there are over a hundred thousand MIDI songs included in this platform for your convenience. It is true that all the songs on this platform are created by various volunteers. Regardless of that, the overall quality of the songs found here is exceptionally good. Also, it allows you to listen to the sound files before downloading them on your computer. In fact, that is a fantastic option for those who are looking for Synthesia MIDIs with high quality. Also, the database is growing pretty steadily with a large range of MIDIs.

Besides, let’s figure out how to Convert PDF to Midi File with ease.

02. Find Synthesia MIDIs Files via Beatlabacademy

BeatLab Academy is another source that offers online and offline music files. In fact, this is a music school that comes with courses on music production. Also, it gives pretty much everything that has a relationship to music.

However, you cannot expect a massive range of MIDI files for Synthesia on this platform. But the good news is that it redirects you to various other pages that will let you download MIDIs. Through those sources, you can acquire more MIDI files.

So, in a nutshell, BeatLab Academy will let you search through a good range of MIDIs. It is more of a place that grabs all of the MIDIs from various sources. They have quality content uploaded on them. All in all, this is a really impressive option for anyone who wants some handy MIDI files for Synthesia.

03. Find Synthesia MIDIs Files on FreeMIDI

FreeMIDI is another online database that provides free but quality music. It offers an excellent amount of music collected from hundreds of sources. You will find a massive database that comprises superb music files.

This website operates for free, and its database is regularly growing. All the members can download those songs for free and upload their MIDI files. With the assistance of this page, you can even request MIDI files that are not necessarily available. That is because it works as a community as well.

Since it is a community, anyone can get the assistance of the members, and that’s pretty impressive. It is always possible to find someone to help you out, and you have the opportunity to help others.

It is true that there are plenty of different websites to help MIDI files. With a little bit of research, you can easily find many other websites that offer MIDIs. However, when you download MIDI files through random websites, you should be very careful. You might end up experiencing even some malware attacks. That is because those files can contain viruses and other malware. In the following sections, let’s learn more about Synthesia MIDIs.

Will sheet music be read by Synthesia?

Well, if truth be told, Synthesia does not provide any facility to read sheet music. It doesn’t read any other file format but MIDI. In other words, Synthesia is compatible with MIDI files only. That means it can read files that are already prepared for the purpose of playing back.

Also, you can see plenty of different MIDI files online. Therefore, the possibility of finding the most appropriate MIDIs is huge. However, not all those sources are reliable. So, choosing the correct file should be done with some caution. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a reliable source.

Since Synthesia cannot read or play a spreadsheet, you have to use a third-party tool. In this case, you will have to consider a good converter tool with PFDF to Midi ability. That will convert your sheet music to a MIDI file that is readable through Synthesia. Then, you can go ahead and import that MIDI file to the Synthesia interface.

Can you learn piano using Synthesia?

Well, the answer depends on your level of expertise when it comes to music. For any user, however, there are some positive points to get from Synthesia. It is possible to use this tool to practice new methods and techniques as a pianist. But what you should remember is that it offers you some basics as well as some advanced options. You can expect positives and drawbacks from this app depending on what your expertise level is.

When it comes to the positives, this specific app doesn’t require any steep learning curve. You don’t even need to learn notations. Also, you don’t want to read the spreadsheet of any song to play this. Instead, it is more of a process that makes you play piano easily. If you have never had any experience of playing music, this is a great option. In addition to that, it also helps you to experience the new adventures of technology in a fun-filled manner.

For those who wonder what the downsides are, this tool doesn’t let you learn the piano from scratch.

If you are a beginner and wonder how to learn to play piano, this is not the best tool. When you use Synthesia, you will just learn about the songs that are already saved as MIDI. But it doesn’t necessarily explain how you play music or piano. Also, it doesn’t teach you how to compose music.

On top of that, it doesn’t help you learn scales and other aspects related to music. Instead, it just plays the music in more of a mechanical manner. That surely doesn’t make you learn. You will be importing MIDI files for Synthesia and let the software play them. You don’t do anything beyond that. So, if you are a beginner, we always recommend you to take some basic classes about music.

If your intention is to hear how a song is being played, Synthesia may be a good option. It can also be used for the purpose of precision practice. So, we call it more of a digital game that can be enjoyed on your PC. You can entertain yourself with this move. All you need is to take it lightly and pay more attention to real music composing.

Conclusion on How to Download Synthesia MIDIs

As you already know, Synthesia is a very interesting tool that allows you to play piano music. That is a perfect option for those who want to play some music or songs without any complexities. You don’t need to expect anything deeper from this option. Instead, all you need is to consider it as more of a game.

You will find a plethora of MIDI files through various sources. You can import these files to Synthesia and learn how they are played in the form of a piano. If you were looking for some reliable sources to download MIDI files for Synthesia, read the above options. Those sources will let you download pretty much any popular song you might have in mind.