Best Small & Low MB Games for Your Android to Try

Android is progressively supplanting the primary device for gaming, and people nowadays enjoy a wide range of games such as Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and Simulation, to mention a few.

It is incredibly appealing since you can download and play thousands of games at your fingertips.

However, you will not be able to download large-sized games from Play Store if you have an entry-level handset with limited data access.

Consequently, low MB games are the best option in this circumstance. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best games with low MB.

These low MB games cover a wide range of categories, from basic puzzle games to first-person shooters, and we are confident you will find something you enjoy.

If you reside in a region with poor internet access or simply love simple games that take little memory, this comprehensive list is for you since these games demand very little memory. Keep reading!

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#1 – Sneak Ops

Sneak Ops is a fantastic arcade game if you are looking for low MB games for Android.  

In this game, your main goal is to sneak past adversaries inside, and the basic purpose of this game is to get past attackers within an ever-changing labyrinth in order to collect floppy discs that enable you to open up new avatars.

Although the game may appear simple at the initial stages, the levels may get really difficult as you go. If you find it difficult to sneak past the guards without getting caught, you can knock them unconscious to reach your goal.

The 8-bit graphics keep the game from eating up too much storage on your device while still providing a charming vintage flavor that we like.

#2 – Tank Hero

In this enjoyable game, you need to take control of a small tank and combat against other tanks through 120 levels with three distinct locations.

The game pits you against five different types of AI tanks using fire guns, heat-seeking missiles, and artillery guns, all of which are out to eliminate you.

 Despite its minimal size, the game is a lot of fun, and the basic settings make the game not too challenging to play on a small screen.

The fantastic thing about the game is that it is free of cost and lets you play offline if you do not have a connection to the web. Such features make this game one of the best games with a low MB.

#3 – Doodle Cricket

Low MB Games - Doodle Cricket

You will not notice that the game only requires 310KB of space on your smartphone to run. It is remarkable that a game can be so little.

It is a simple and enjoyable game to play. And it is not overly sophisticated or difficult to learn. The game has cartoon characters that look like cricket players.

All you have to do to score runs is tap the screen. Obviously, time is crucial. It is one of the top cricket game apps available. As a result, you may enjoy the most comfortable mobile cricket game on your Android device.

Try this lowest-sized cricket game if you are looking for the greatest low MB cricket games that will fit on your smartphone.

#4 – Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper is a terrific game with a little file size. Of course, you anticipate the shooting game to be on the same level as Fortnite or other high-powered titles.

Modern Sniper is one of the greatest shooting low MB games in which you may use a sniper to shoot your adversaries. There are six separate maps, more than 50 missions, and seven real-world pikes.

You may choose what you want to play first and what you do not want to play at all. The game has 3D images and provides a pleasing backdrop even on low-end smartphones.

Users have praised the makers for creating such a wonderful game. Despite the fact that it has a small memory footprint, the beauty of the visuals and armament is mind-blowing.

#5 – Mekorama

If you are on the lookout for the greatest low MB games, then you have to check out this one-of-a-kind puzzle game called Mekorama.

In this game, you must assist the stupid robot (dubbed ‘B’) and direct it where to proceed by removing obstacles in its path.

One of the finest aspects of the game is that each level of Mekorama is vastly different from the one before it. You may even design your own robots and stages in the game. You may also play levels created by others.

Make sure to check out the game, which is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. The graphics in this game are stunning, and the gameplay is impressive. If you enjoy puzzle games, you should give this game a go.

#6 – Infinity Loop

∞ Loop (also known as Infinity Loop) is one of the most addicting low MB games for Android that everyone enjoys playing in their spare time. In terms of gameplay, you must link the barriers in order to win the match.

The developer has also included a dark mode in the game. In terms of game levels, the creator claims that there are an endless amount of levels to play.

Infinity Loop is a puzzle game in which you must hit on parts to complete the correct loop. It appears to be too simple, yet it can help you when you finish a few grades.

The game also features pleasant music and engrossing gameplay. It is the greatest game for individuals who wish to unwind and relax.

#7 – 2048

2048 is a popular puzzle game that became viral a while back. It just takes 1.04 MB to download and set up on your phone, which makes it one of the best small MB games.

The game is a basic mathematics game in which you link two tiles with the same number to achieve a larger number; each movement adds another tile to the board. This feature makes the gaming experience more complex as you progress.

You will join two blocks to create a new SUM block. The goal is to make a 2048-block. If the board gets filled up and you don’t have any more movements left, you will have to start over, so play carefully.

Since it is a basic game, it does not eat up much storage on your device, and it can also be enjoyed offline, which is a good feature.

#8 – Dead Ahead

Low MB Games - Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is a unique racing game that combines typical racing games and endless runners. And it is a type of game in which you sprint for your life on an 8-bit planet undergoing an enormous zombie apocalypse.

The zombies do not seem to stop coming at you. As a result, the name is Dead Ahead. The whole point of this is to run as if your life depends on it.

While taking down the zombies, you must dodge and weave past obstacles. To knock out zombies more effectively, you may customize your bike and improve your weaponry in the game.

If you want to play a racing game with a lethal edge, consider Dead Ahead because it is one of the best low MB games currently available.

#9 – Two Dots

Two Dots is one of the greatest small MB games on Android. This small-sized game is ideal for making your relaxed time more enjoyable.

It is not a stress-inducing game. To connect two dots, you only need to think quickly. But, to be honest, it is not as simple as you believe. The more you play, the more difficult it will be to win the game.

Two Dots is a free-to-play game that has been loaded on over 10 million smartphones and has a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play Store.

There are a total of 2185 levels to complete in the game. The actual figure is far higher. But once you start, you will not be able to stop.

#10 – is the next game on our list of the top small MB games for Android. Remember the Nokia 3310 and other Nokia feature phones’ snake game? If so, you will enjoy playing on your smartphone. is, indeed, a multiplayer edition of the famous snake game. You must chew the blobs that aid in the growth of the snake. If your snake collides with the bodies of other players, the game is finished.

When it comes to controls, you can easily control the snake by sliding your finger over the screen. If you are missing the snake game from your Nokia 3310, consider giving a shot.

#11 – BMX Boy

Do you want to play a cycling game in your spare time? Then give BMX Boy a shot. It is a highly amusing and small-sized Android game that will keep you entertained at all times.

You must run with your bike on the road, jumping and bumping anytime you believe it is necessary. Play smoothly and get more points to become a pro.

Try this game when you do not feel like waiting for somebody. This thrilling game contains a plethora of hard levels; that is, there are 90 distinct stages in the game where you may do numerous spectacular tricks.

They also introduce new levels with each update. The game is 12MB in size, and you should find it enjoyable to spend time with.

#12 – Crazy Racer 3D

Low MB Games - Crazy Racer 3D

Crazy Racer 3D is one of the fleshed-out vehicle racing low MB games that will get your heart pounding. The game has 24 distinct race circuits, 3 game modes, 6 different supercars, and a plethora of personalization options.

Crazy Racer 3D lets players knock down their opponents by collecting powerups on the course, adding a new degree of complexity to an essentially simple driving game.

Crazy Racer 3D is a motor racing game that has all of the necessary ingredients. Although Crazy Racer 3D is a basic racing game with no extraordinary features or thrilling surprises, the game’s minimalism speaks for itself. Hence, you must give this amazing game a try.

#13 – Shadow Skate

Shadow Skate

Shadow Skate is by far one of the most thrilling running and skating games, with low MB available for Android as you strive to evade the shadows, and traverse skyscrapers, woods, parks, and nightclubs.

The gameplay will take you on a skate trip across modern cities and along the roofs of buildings.

To dodge obstructions, you must accelerate, leap, crouch, and gather money to purchase power-ups. The game includes 40 various levels, each with its own set of vectors and four absolutely stunning skate park surroundings.

Ending Remarks

This article is a collection of small MB games that will take up very little space on your device. Even low-end smartphones can run these low-MB games. As a result, you will not have to worry about phone space or data downloads.

All of these games operate offline, so they do not require a lot of data to play. Check out the list of these games with low MB and download one for yourself that you like the most!


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