Is the KoPlayer Pokemon Go Emulator Worth the Try?

An emulator like the KoPlayer Pokemon Go can boost your gaming experience manifolds by allowing you to play on bigger screens. We aim to give you complete information on this emulator software along with a great alternative so that you can use the best one for your purpose.

About the KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator software

The Android emulator software is meant to boost the gaming experience for PC users, and KoPlayer facilitates the same. Such software help users to enjoy highly by being able to play various games on the bigger screens better without any lags. The technology of KoPlayer is relatively new. However, its highly advanced specs have made it the most popular choice of game lovers in a very short period.

Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular and successful games among game lovers worldwide. This game also needs emulators to run better on PCs and other big screens. The KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator will help here with its outstanding compatibility, supreme performance, and high storage. One of the great benefits of this emulator is that it prevents the rapid drainage of the battery while playing the game on the smartphone.

The KoPlayer emulator can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is based on the Android 4.4.2 Kernel specifications. It can run on all the AMD series PCs. You can even record the gameplays on this emulator.

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Method of using the KoPlayer emulator for playing Pokemon Go

You can play Pokemon Go on a PC with the help of the KoPlayer emulator. This will need you to set up the two things beforehand with the things mentioned below:

  • The PC must have the virtualization technologies supported by an intel dual-core CPU or AMD.
  • The PC must have a Windows OS.
  • The RAM of the PC must be 1GB minimum.
  • The PC also must-have free disk space of 1GB minimum.
  • An internet connection must be active on the device.

Steps for setting up the KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator

1. Download the KoPlayer emulator on the PC from the official website.

Download KoPlayer Pokemon Go Emulator

2. Click on the .exe file of the emulator for installing it successfully.

3. Launch the emulator on the PC. Wait till it opens.

Launch KoPlayer Pokemon Go Emulator

4. Add a valid Google account on the KoPlayer emulator for allowing it to support the Pokemon Go app downloaded from Google Play Store. In the System Tool section of the software, open Settings. Then, click on Accounts followed by selecting Add Account.

5. Open the play store next and install the Pokemon Go game.

6. After installing the APK, install the game through KoPlayer. For that, click on the APK file. In the next window, select the game icon and hit the button Open for starting the installation.

Install KoPlayer Pokemon Go Emulator

Steps for playing the Pokemon Go game with KoPlayer emulator

1. Open the emulator interface and select the icon of the Pokemon Go game. The GPS of the emulator will open now to fake the location for the game.

2. Select the desired location on the given map. Hit the button Save. This is a mandatory step because Pokemon Go is a location-based game.

3. Launch the game now. Hit on the icon of Keyboard followed by dragging the WASD on the main interface. The WASD keys on the board help the player to move the game characters. Hit the button Save.

Play Game with KoPlayer Pokemon Go Emulator

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Drawbacks of the KoPlayer emulator

Even though the KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator gives a supreme playing experience, there are some restrictions to it too. Following is a list of some of the major drawbacks of KoPlayer that may affect your Pokemon Go game:

  • The teleporting feature of the emulator makes the whole process much obvious. This gives rise to the risk of banning the game by the team.
  • The major problem that you may face while using the emulator is setting it up. The process is a bit complicated, and the beginners may especially find it tedious.
  • The equipment used with the KoPlayer emulator may not work smoothly enough. The problem occurs with the joystick mostly. You may feel it to be inflexible most of the time, and that can majorly affect your game.
  • The simulation speed may also not be satisfactory while using the KoPlayer emulator for playing Pokemon Go. You would face difficulty controlling the speed.
Important: You may not feel satisfied with the privacy policy and user security of the KoPlayer emulator. Thus, it would be better for you to use alternative emulator software for playing your favorite game.

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Dr.Fone Virutal Location – The best alternative software for the KoPlayer emulator

Now that you have seen some of the major restrictions KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator put in the way, you may want to have an alternative. Also, if you are an iOS user, then using the KoPlayer will not even be an option for you since it only runs on the Windows OS PC.

Here, a movement simulator and GPS spoofer app can be the best help. So, let us introduce you to a great tool called Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS), which is one of the top location spoofing applications in the market. The tool supports all iOS devices and is aimed to spoof the GPS location of compatible devices.

Now, you would wonder how this app is going to help Pokemon Go players better than KoPlayer does. First of all, it lets you simulate two ways on a single route as well as multiple routes. Another benefit is that it covers all the demerits of KoPlayer.

Let us now see some of the major features of the tool:

  • A one-click operation for faking location on any iOS device
  • Easy location faking with multiple functions and warning
  • Simulation on custom paths and multiple routes
  • Support for almost all the location bases applications and AR games
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS versions and available for free download

Method of using the Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS) location spoofing app

There are certain things you need to ensure before using this KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator alternative. You will have to begin with downloading the software on the PC and then installing it properly. Once you have completed that successfully, launch the app on the PC. On the primary interface of the tool, you will see the option of Virtual Location. Click that option. After that, you will need to connect the iPhone on which the game is downloaded to the PC. Now, click on the option Get Started on the tool’s interface.


Follow the steps for the operations given below.

For simulation between two locations:

1. You need to begin with selecting the route for one-stop. Click the option of Walk Mode that is the first icon on the top-right portion of the interface. Select the destination on the given map. The distance from your location to the destination will appear in a small dialogue box.

2. Next, you need to set a speed limit for the travel. Drag the given slider accordingly. Then, hit the button Move Here.

KoPlayer Pokemon Go Emulator alternative Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS)

3. In the next dialogue box, you will need to enter the number of times you want to move between the two given locations. Once you have done that, hit the button March.

Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS)

4. Once all of these entries have been made, you will be shown simulating between the spots.

Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS)

For simulation between multiple locations:

1. You need to begin with selecting the route for multiple stops. Click on the second icon on the top-right portion of the interface. Followed by that, select all the locations that you want to be shown on the route that you are simulating.

2. Again, the distance between respective spots and the starting and final locations will be shown in a separate dialogue box. At the same time, set the speed limit for the simulation too. Once done, hit the button Move here.

Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS)

3. In the next dialogue box, you will need to enter the number of times you want to move between the two given locations. Once you have done that, hit the button March.

4. Once all of these entries have been made, you will be shown simulating on the pre-set route as per the conditions given.

Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS)

Final words

This was all about the KoPlayer Pokemon Go emulator that you should know before going ahead with using it. It may work great for your limited requirements. However, for a safer and enhanced gaming experience, we recommend you try the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location GPS spoofing app. The advanced functionality and feature set of the tool will let you enjoy gaming better.