How to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos on Your Smartphone

How to stop WhatsApp from saving photos? If you are struggling with the same issue, then this article is right for you. Many WhatsApp users encounter this problem, where media files save to the device automatically. Due to this, they have to deal with other issues.

Presently, WhatsApp downloads all the shared media files automatically due to its default settings. However, this takes up a lot of storage space on a mobile device. If you like to declutter your smartphone, it is best you should learn how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos. This becomes important when you have limited space on your smartphone. Find here different ways to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on both Android and iOS devices.

Part 1: How to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos on iOS Devices

So, it is very simple to stop WhatsApp from saving photos. WhatsApp offers a hassle-free and smart solution for disabling the auto-download feature. When you disable this feature, videos and photos do not automatically download on your iPhone. Most of the time, Camera Roll gets clutters with the automatic download feature. It even takes a lot of storage space on your device.

In addition, the saved photos of WhatsApp in Camera Roll can even consume storage on the iCloud Photo Library too. For fixing the problem, it is best to learn how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on iOS devices.

Steps on how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos:

Go through the following steps to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on iPhone:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

In the first place, you have to unlock your iPhone (How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen). Then, open WhatsApp by clicking on its icon from the home tab.

Step 2: Visit WhatsApp’s settings

After that, please click on the gear icon present at the bottom to visit the settings of WhatsApp.

Step 3: Look for ‘Data and Storage Usage’

From there, you have to look for ‘Data and Storage Usage‘ settings and tap on them. Under the feature ‘Media Auto-Download,’ switch off the option for videos, photos, documents, and audios. For instance, you need to click on ‘Photos‘ and toggle the option off.

Step 4: Disable ‘Save to Camera Roll’

If you do not like the downloaded media files to appear in your Camera Roll, visit the WhatsApp settings. After that, click on ‘Chats‘ and then disable the feature ‘Save to Camera Roll.’

How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos on iOS Devices

So, this is how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on your iPhone. Not only photos, but users can also disable the auto-downloading feature for documents, audios, and videos. Once you have switched off this feature, you have to click on the download icon. This is to save the picture on your iPhone if you receive one.

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Part 2: How to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos on Android Devices

Just like iOS devices, WhatsApp offers a feature for disabling the auto-downloading feature on Android too. By default, this feature is switched on. As a result, it keeps consuming storage space on your device or clutter the phone’s gallery. Here are some ways to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on your Android smartphones.

Steps on how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on Android:

To stop WhatsApp from saving photos on your Android device, go through the following instructions:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app

In the first place, open the WhatsApp app on your device. Go to its settings by clicking on the three dots present at the top.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Settings’ 

Next, visit ‘Settings‘ and find the ‘Data and Storage Usage‘ tab. From there. Look for the section ‘Media auto-download.’ Here, you will find different options, such as Mobile Data, Roaming, and Wi-Fi.

How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos on Android Phones

Step 3: Select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option

If you like to disable this auto-download function for Wi-Fi, click on ‘Wi-Fi.’ Then, switch off this feature for photos or other media files. In this way, users can disable this auto-downloading feature for roaming and mobile data as well.

Step 4: Turn ‘Media Visibility’ off

The application even allows users to not show these downloaded pictures in the main gallery of their phones. To activate this feature, visit ‘Settings‘ and then click on ‘Chats.’ From there, you can switch off the option ‘Media Visibility.’

Step 5: Choose the ‘Storage’ tab

If you do not like to see these photos in your gallery, then you can even go to the ‘File System.’ After that, select the ‘Storage‘ tab and then choose ‘WhatsApp.’ From there, select the ‘WhatsApp images‘ folder.

Now, you can make a new file here. Name the folder as “.nomedia” and save the same. Later, you can delete the file for making the photos show up in the gallery again.

So, this is how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on Android devices like Samsung phones. While the procedure will remain the same, you may witness a slight change in the overall interface.

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Extra Tip: Transfer Your WhatsApp Photos from One Device to Another

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Steps to transfer your WhatsApp data from one device to another:

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Step 1: Get iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer

First, please download the iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer app on their Mac or Windows PC. Install and launch the program. After that, connect both of your mobile devices to the system.

Tenorshare iCareFone for Whatsapp Transfer

Step 2: Tap on ‘Continue’

Now, the application will start backing up their WhatsApp data in the source smartphone. To continue, they have to tap on the ‘Continue‘ tab.

Once backup up the data successfully, the tool will start transferring their WhatsApp data automatically to the destination smartphone. Now, your chats will be successfully transferred.

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So, that’s it. These are some of the ways on how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos on Android and iPhone automatically. Now, you will be able to switch off this feature on your own. This guide has provided some dedicated solutions to stop WhatsApp from saving photos. Also, for both iPhone and Android, for your convenience.

Along with that, users can even take the help of iCareFone for taking a backing of their chats and photos of WhatsApp. Also, it can be employed for restoring a current backup or transferring your WhatsApp data directly from one device to another. So, if you use WhatsApp regularly and do not like to lose your conversations, then this app is for you. Download iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer and care for the memories like never before!