How to Record Messenger / Facebook Video Calls Effortlessly

You may want to understand how to record Messenger video call because Facebook Messenger is a popular video calling platform. Recently, clouds of controversies related to privacy breaches and certain pecuniary actions affected this popularity. Facebook recouped soon, though, and with better features and enhanced user services this time. It has now become possible to record Facebook video calls in some OS. Continue to read as we tell you how to do it through screen recording.

Wondershare Filmora – Best Software for Recording Video Calls on Messenger

The software that we are going to introduce here is the Wondershare Filmora which is a feature-full tool. It allows you to record the activities being done on any PC in high-resolution videos like 4K. Moreover, the editing mode of the software allows you to enhance and personalize the recorded videos.

Major features of Wondershare Filmore software

  • You can upload videos of almost any format to the software for processing. It supports a plethora of formats for the input videos.
  • The software can be used to record Facebook video calls and export them in two major formats MOV and MP4. This makes it even great since these formats are some of the most popular and highly compatible formats. This can be a limitation in some cases too, but that’s a rare case.
  • A lot of useful features related to video recording come in-built with this software. You can record audios as well as videos both with the in-built webcam of the software.
  • The editing tool kit of the software is also very rich. You can make use of the tools like video trimmer, transition effects, clip cutter, annotation, filters, etc., to make the video even better.
  • An added advantage is exporting and sharing the videos to any social media platform directly from the software. This includes YouTube, Facebook, and many others, and you can share the video from the editing section directly.
  • The software can run on both Mac and Windows PC.
YouTube video

Method of using the Wondershare Filmora software

Read these simple steps if you want to know how to how to record Messenger video call with this software:

  1. Begin with downloading the software on the PC and get done with properly installing it.
  2. Now, on the main desktop screen, click the icon of the software. A small welcome window of the software would appear.
  3. In here, click the option of Quick Capture mode.
  4. Remember to make some settings before you start with any video recording session. This includes selecting the desired portion of the screen that you are going to record. You will also have to select the devices that you want to be active while recording the video and audio. Lastly, you will have to set the frame rate of the video to be captured.
  5. Once you are done with these settings, you are ready for the recording session.
  6. Simply open Facebook and start video calling anyone you want.
  7. Go back to the software and hit the button Record. The software will start recording the video call simply, and you will be good to go.
  8. You can stop or even pause the recording any time you want. This can be done by clicking on the right buttons present in the toolbar on the main interface of the software. You can even hit the F10 hotkey simply to do the same.
  9. The video file recorded by the software will then be saved in the editing mode section of the interface. Here you get the option of editing the video with the present tool before saving it finally.
  10. Export the final video and save it in the desired location on the PC.

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Aiseesoft Screen Recorder – great alternative software for recording video calls on Facebook

Another great software that can help you to record Facebook video calls is the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. What makes it special is the ultra HD quality video recording it generates of the target video calls. You can even record live streams as well as audio activities without any hassle with this software.  Moreover, you can use this software for editing the screenshots of FB video calls on the same interface. It provides numerous editing filters and screen recording features for the same.

Major features of Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • The software can be used to record videos, audios, webcams and capture screenshots too on both Mac and Windows PC.
  • You can record video calls from various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, IMO, Facetime, etc.
  • The sound of both sides is effectively recorded, and you can set the volumes in the final video too.
  • It also allows you to capture screenshots of the video calls.
  • You can even start, stop, pause, and resume the Facebook calls with the help of hotkeys. Simply set the hotkeys for a set function via the software.
  • You can enhance the recorded videos and screenshots with the editing tools. The features like rectangle, arrow, lines, texts, and different other labels can help for the same.
  • The recorded data can be previewed on the software before downloading.
  • The software can be used very simply due to its interactive interface.

Method of using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

If you want to know how to record Messenger video call on Windows and Mac PC, read the solutions below. Before that, get done with the proper installation of the free software on the PC.

Steps for using the software on Windows PC:

  1. Launch the software.

2. Select the option Video Recorder on the main interface of the software.

3. Now, select the desired portion of the call screen for recording. Turn on the options of system sound, microphone, and webcam as per the need.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for Windows

4. Select the option of More settings. Here, you can make settings like the hotkeys personalization, countdown time, adjusting the call settings, etc.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Output Settings

5. Now, you need to start recording the Facebook video call. Click the icon REC simply or hit the combination keys for that.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

6. Once the recording is done, the video preview window will appear. Select the option of Save and then hit the button Next. The final video will be exported to the local storage and saved in the MP4 format.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Steps for using the software on Mac PC:

1. Launch the software.

2. Turn on the options of screen, audio, and webcam as per the need.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for Mac

3. Find the gear icon and click it to pop up the menu window of Preferences. Here, you can make settings like the video, audio, mouse actions, etc.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Prefenences

4. Click the icon REC to start recording the video call on Facebook. Here, you can edit the video too by turning on the option of Edit and accessing all the editing tools.

how to record Messenger video call Using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

5. Open the section Media Library for previewing the video, and you can share it too anywhere if you want.

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Method of recording Facebook video calls with Messenger

how to record Messenger video call with Messenger

Did you know that you can record Facebook video calls right from Facebook Messenger? Doing so is possible on android devices where you can record the video calls done on Messenger. Here is the simple method for doing so:

  1. Launch the Messenger app.
  2. Open the contact that you want to call. You can find the contact in the list named People with Messenger under the tab Messenger.
  3. Once selected, call the contact.
  4. Now, click the camera button on the lower part of the screen while holding the button “Hold send button for video, tap for photo” with your finger. Keep the button held as long as you want to record the call.
  5. Let go of the button once you are done recording. The video will now be sent to the contact that you were calling.

You must know that the video sent won’t get saved in the local storage of your android device. However, you can save them by changing the settings of the app. Click the profile picture icon in the app and open the menu Photos, Videos, and Emoji. Under this section, you will find the option Download Videos, where the default setting will have Wi-Fi. Next, you can turn on the feature of video download by clicking the option of Download Videos.

Similarly, you can turn the option off when you don’t want to save the videos. The videos that are saved in the local storage play smoother than the cloud-saved videos.

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Method of recording Facebook video calls on Android devices

There are many screen recording applications on Google Play Store that have advanced tools to facilitate Facebook video call recording. We found the app called DU Recorder that is fully free and free of app purchases. Some of its prime features include:

YouTube video
  • The app runs in the notification bar and allows using many features from the notification bar itself. This includes recording HD videos, adjusting frame rates, and controlling other video recording settings.
  • It uses the front camera of the phone to record Facebook video calls along with the external sound.
  • You can even set any local storage option for saving the videos.
  • This is a very powerful tool that can capture the screen along with editing the videos as well as live streams as well.
  • You can make GIFs from the screen recordings with the help of this software. You can share these GIFs on social media platforms as well.

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Method of recording Facebook video calls on iOS devices

The new iOS devices running on the iOS 11 version have the automatic Facebook video call recording option. However, you may still want to know how to record Messenger video call on other iOS devices. For that purpose, let us introduce the software named Apowersoft iPhone and iPad recorder to you. This is an amazing application that lets iOS users record their screens and the activities taking place on them.

how to record Messenger video call on iOS Devices

Install the app first. Launch it and click the option Mirroring. This will start projecting the screen of the iOS on the PC. Followed by that, open the Facebook app and make the call. Finally, hit the button Record for starting the recording of the screen projection on the PC.

It can record videos in high-quality resolution like 720p and 1080p. The software allows saving the videos in a variety of formats, including GIF, FLV, MP4, etc. It is not possible to edit the final videos on this software but if you need to do that, check out the other apps offered by the App Store.

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Final words

This was all about how to record Messenger video call on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. We highly recommend you to try out the software Wondershare Filmora and Aiseesoft Screen Recorder if you want to record Facebook video calls through screen recording. The other methods we listed for other OS are also very useful. Reach out to us in the comment section for queries.