Best Xbox 360 RPGs to Play Right Now

Here is a list of some of the best Xbox 360 RPGs that will most definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

RPGs have grown immensely in terms of popularity over the past few years and can definitely be considered one of the most preferred styles of gaming among individuals. But what exactly is RPG? Let us take a look:


RPG is an acronym for ‘Role-playing Games.’ RPGs first emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, with the development of games such as ‘Tunnels and Trolls’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons.’ The initial concept was that the player would be acting and playing as a specific character in a fantasy universe filled with mythical creatures like dragons and has a lot of adventure and fun.

Slowly with the enhancement of technology, these games made their way into the digital world. At the start, these games were pretty simple; the game player has presented a 3D maze that included challenges as you went on your way.

Nowadays, you may play RPG games in a variety of ways, especially with Xbox, that provide you with a totally new and high-quality gameplay. We have compiled a list of the best Xbox 360 RPGs that will keep you hooked:

1. Best RPG Game on Xbox 360 – Dragon Age Inquisition

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Created by Electronic Arts, Dragon Age is an RPG game Xbox 360 with a heavy and detailed plotline. The graphics are not all that great, but the story that is followed in the game, the acting of the voice artist, and the overall crafting system itself make up for the minor flaws present. You can easily be occupied by this game for over a hundred hours, most probably even more if you get set on finishing all of the side quests present within the game.

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2. Best RPG Game on Xbox 360 – Final Fantasy XIII

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This is known as one of the finest Final Fantasy games within the whole series. As a game player, you will be able to feel for the character you will be playing. Square Enix established the benchmark for this sort of game, and numerous have attempted to replicate it. It can easily be considered one of the best Xbox 360 RPGs.

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3. Best RPG Game on Xbox 360 – Fallout 3

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Fallout 3 is a great example of one of the best Xbox 360 RPGs as it took away from the original Fallout and took its strategic elements and the thrill & adventure that it provided. There is first-person shooting available here and all of the adventure, thrill, and role-playing that makes it so fun to play. Along with the amazing and detailed graphics, this game gives you multiple choices which will keep you entertained and occupied for quite some time.

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4. Best RPG Game on Xbox 360 – The Fable Series

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Arcade-style and hardcore style role-playing come together here in this fascinating RPG. Every game has its own set of faults and flaws, but the series as a whole work really well. The graphics were pretty great and detailed, and the controls were easily understandable. If you are new to RPG games, this is a great game to start your journey into gaming with. This was the first game to offer simple and basic tasks such as crafting, customization options for the character, buying properties, etc. Although not all that detailed, it still provides great gameplay.

5. Best RPG Game on Xbox 360 – Tales of Vesperia

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Great storyline, stunning graphics, and well-thought-out characters are all that make this one of the best Xbox 360 RPGs. Even the Battling system that is set in place in this game is amazing and graphic. Tales of Vesperia is probably the first of the Tales games that actually got popular within the United States as the others mainly gained popularity within the Japanese public. This is anime-style gaming, and it is truly a shame that it did not gain more traction as a whole series.

6. The Elder Scrolls Series

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Elder Scrolls can be considered one of the first-ever role-playing games to provide an actually open world where you could travel around anywhere you wanted within that universe. At the release of this game, all of the graphics were considered one of the best so far. This is why it has earned its name on this list of RPG games for Xbox 360. Like any and every game, this has a bunch of faults and issues, but still, with its release, Fallout kind of brought a huge change in the making of role-playing games.

As the game goes on, the graphics improved, there were more detailed and complex quests available for the game players, even the plots and storyline of the whole game were improved. These aspects helped make Fallout a flag bearer of sorts for what the RPG games should actually be like.

Skyrim, one of the latest releases within the Fallout series, was on the list of most awaited games, and for a good reason. The attention and thought that has been given to every single thing within this game, from the swaying grass to the waterfalls. These beautiful views, along with the included sound and weather effects, just make the whole game absolutely stunning.

7. Child of Light

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Child of Light has some really beautiful artwork, and even the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. What makes this RPG stand out against others is the cast timing, item selection, and magic points, all of this coming together to form an overall amazing game. The gameplay is kind of short, only coming up to the average of eleven hours, but still, this is one of the best XBOX 360 RPGs you can ask for.

8. The Witcher 1 and 2

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Among all the RPG games, Xbox 360 The Witcher can be called one of the most innovative games of all. Here in this game, even after being the hero of the story, you will not be looked at as one, and instead, your character will basically be kicked out from society. It takes place in a medieval world filled with violence and a lot of thrill, and the overall atmosphere of the game will pull you in.

The whole combat style of this game is very challenging and detailed. The graphics and sound do lack a bit of detail, but overall, this series can be called one of the best in the world of RPGs. A minor warning is that both parts of the games are of a mature theme and show nudity, rendering it unsuitable for all minors.

9. Dragon Age 1 and 2

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The graphics, sounding of the game, the combat style of the whole game, and the strategies you have to be aware of all make these two games one of the best Xbox 360 RPGs. This game will keep you occupied and make you play more and more until you can’t stop because of all types of quests available.

Compared to the first game, Dragon Age 2 is not that great as the creators suddenly changed the styling of combat within the game and made the play more arcade-like, unlike the first one.

10. South Park: The Stick of Truth

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This game, although pretty amazing, was not made while keeping hardcore PRG players in mind. The storyline stays in one place along with the characters and is probably one of the best I have found so far.

The graphics and plot are both pretty basic and simple, and the whole RPG  experience is not really up to the mark, but what makes it unique and gives this game a place on this list is that the game is pretty much set in the same place like South Park. So if you are a fan, then you are in for a treat. Funny and humorous this game is great if you are looking for something light.

11. Fallout: New Vegas

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Fallout: New Vegas is a spin-off that was released all the way back in 2010 by XBOX 360. The game engine for New Vegas is the same as Fallout 3. Obsidian Entertainment created this with the same team of developers who worked on Fallout games under Black Isle Studios. It was originally supposed to be named Sin City instead of New Vegas. With the detailed plot and a vivid back story, this became a huge success upon its release and is one of the best XBOX 360 RPGs.

12. Mass Effect Trilogy

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This game conveys the story of an elite soldier and Commander Shepard. This is considered one of the best cross-genre games that are out there. The storyline is very interactive, and the graphics are detailed and will reel you in. It can also be considered one of the best science fiction RPGs. The game is more strategy-based, and the graphics will be amazing in Xbox 360. It is one of the best Xbox 360 RPGs. Seventy-Five hours of gameplay would keep you occupied for a very long.

Mass Effect two involves the Illusive Man, and overall the whole game can be considered as an all-rounder. Played by Martin Sheen, the Illusive Man has a goal set for Human Superiority, but of course, the main character is not him but the leader of the Reapers. Overall gripping and detailed, it is a great game.

13. Dark Souls

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Dark Souls’ difficulty level actually sets a standard for people within the RPG scene. If you find a game more challenging than Dark Souls, then that is a rarity in itself. This game was released on Xbox 360 all the way back in 2011 and is considered to be one of the best and most influential role-playing games to be released to date. The main character, The Chosen Undead, is captured and in prison at the very start of the game, which in turn sets a very dreary tone for the rest of the coming game.

Final Words on The Best RPG Games on Xbox 360:

Role-playing games are a fantastic way to live and do whatever you want as someone else; I mean, who does not want to be able to fly around like a superhero or solve crimes like a detective. Get on with your day by playing games from this list and being the savior of many or solve the most unsolvable crimes while facing many obstacles.